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FEATURED – Genesis Leadership Training OnLine Course

gennsisThis online course is specifcally for leaders who are committed to becoming more impactful leaders. The Genesis Leadership curriculum makes this guarantee: If you incorporate the Genesis Leadership Principles from this curriculum, you will see a measurable enhancement in your leadership. The curriculum is based on my book, Genesis Leadership. This course gives actionable tools and Genesis Leadership Principles that you can add to your leadership toolbox to boost your leadership impact. Genesis leadership is a performance enhancing paradigm, you must add to your existing leadership strategies to turbo charge your leadership for you and all the leaders in your organization.


Leaders lead organizations as well as the process of organization. Creation was the ultimate process of organization. The Earth was without form and void, essentially dysfunctionally disorganized, and the Creator led the organization of this dysfunctionally disorganized organization to create a highly functional organization we call the Universe. CLICK HERE TO ENROLL in the FREE Intro to Genesis Leadership online course

Find out what a leadership agenda is and why your organizational leadership will be ineffective without one. Great leaders always have a leadership agenda. The ultimate leader (i.e. the Creator) also had a leadership agenda.

Learn more about Genesis Leadership Agenda in the FREE Introduction to Genesis Leadership online course. CLICK HERE to ENROLL

This may sound harsh. But this Genesis Leadership Paradigm Shift is does not minimize the value of people in your organization or your team. In fact, it protects the people in an organization from floundering in a purposeless organization. Truth is people don’t follow leaders, people follow purpose. Learn more about Purpose in the FREE Introduction to Genesis Leadership online course. CLICK HERE to ENROLL

FEATURED – Genesis Leadership Sermon

Excerpts from a sermon on a spiritual application of the Day Zero Genesis Principle.

Day Zeros are void, formless, dark and submerged under water. As a metaphor for life, this sermon explores how God can use the Day Zeros of our life to usher in a new beginning in our lives.

This sermon is part of a 2 part presentation (sermon & seminar) which can be done for your church, ministry or religous organization. This presentation can also be customized for  a non-church secular business presentation for your business or nonprofit organization.

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There is a very good reason we are called human “beings”. The “beingness” of humanity is covered in the Genesis Leadership Principle of Beingness online course or leadership training. The secret to building a team of empowered and productive employees or team members is to challenge them to be before you direct them to do. Learn more at a Genesis Leadership online course, workshop or at a roundtable we can customize for your business or nonprofit organization. CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE a FREE phone conference with me

Leadership is tough as it is, without the limitations of what some may consider disqualifying defects in our character. We all have scars from battles fought and lost in our past. Some of these scars are visible, they show up as limps and limitations in the life of a leader. When a wound heals it leaves a scar, broken bones often leave us with a limp. But our limps don’t have to be limitations, our wounds don’t have to devalue our worth as leaders. In fact, it might be that it is our woundedness that equips us for powerful leadership.


Stewardship is a broad concept which includes financial / fiscal responsibility and accountability. There is a strong connection between leadership and stewardship. When leaders understand and maximize this connection, it tends to show up in more sustainable financial strength. In the video above, Murray shows the connection between leadership and stewardship. CLICK HERE to so I can offer you our FREE Organizational Stewardship Review. This will help you  enhance your financial leadership for you and the financial leaders in your organizations (CFO, Treasurer, Stewardship, etc)

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