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The Genesis Platinum Leadership Training Series

Leadership Training Courses to Select From

Creating Your Leadership Agenda - You have heard about a Mission Statement and a Vision Statement. But just as important is a Leadership Agenda Statement. Learn what it is, why it is just as important as a vision or mission statement. Learn how to identify your "underlying leadership ideological belief".

Understanding Your Leadership Ecosystem  - Learn how understanding your Leadership Ecosystem can improve your leadership effectiveness. Find out why experts like Peter Senge, who was named as a top 100 influencers of the 20th century in organizational leadership, are strong proponents of ecosystem leadership.

Leadership in the Me-Too Era - Leaders have an obligation to create a culture free of sexual harassment that protects both male and female staff or team members. Learn how to do this quickly, effectively and with gender sensitivity.

Leading the Millennial - More than 35% of the workforce are millennials, eclipsing other generations in the labor force. Understand what drives the millennials on your team will enhance your leadership 2X+

Leading a Multicultural Organization - In a culturally diverse organization, 1 size does not fit all when it comes to leadership. Understand that culture is abroad concept that goes beyond race, ethnicity, age, gender. Learn how to identify whet we call “follower culture”.

Creating Rules People Want to Follow - To drastically increase compliance with rules, policies and procedures, learn how to create rules, & policies people want to follow. Create “buy in” before you create rules, regulations or policies. This course teaches about buy in for your rules, regs and policies

Day Zero Leadership - This course is for any one starting in a new leadership role, whether a first time leader or a seasoned leader starting a new leadership assignment. What you do on Day Zero will impact the rest of your leadership assignment. Create your Day Zero to put yourself on a path of renewed effectiveness in your leadership.

The Cure for the Complacency CultureIf you are a CEO, Business Owner, a manager or anyone in leadership; you sometimes wonder why your people don't seem to have the same sense of urgency as you do. What if there was an "Urgency Pill" you could have them take to cure the complacency? Well this course is that pill!


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resource allocation

Leading Resource Allocation & Optimization

To optimally allocate organizational resources leaders & managers must know how to "IQ resources" – that’s Identify & Quantify. The complexity of an organization with internal & external resources to consider makes resource allocation a challenging undertaking. Leaders must have a grasp of the key considerations for resource allocation & optimization. Learn to distinguish between resources vs results.

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How To Disagree

Learn How to Disagree & Still Get Things Done

Many times team members, co-workers get stuck in disagreement. And often everything comes to a screeching halt while the parties retreat to their positions until this disagreement is resolved. Millions of dollars are lost by businesses when disagreements paralyze performance. It is the leader’s responsibility to create a culture where people know how to disagree and still get things done.

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Learn How To Delegate "being" as well as "doing"

Begin using the 3 Pillars of effective delegation and increase the performance of your team, staff or followers, and eliminate the need to micromanage, eliminate "leadership burnout".

Delegate with confidence and allow your team to maximize their potential.

Learn the difference between giving an instruction vs a direction.

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Leading Diverse Priorities in a “multi-priority” environment

As a leader your priorities maybe totally different than that of your organization, even though on the surface it seems like your team is “in sync” with you. Learn how to know for sure if your team is in sync with your priorities and what to do if they are not.

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CFO Speak: - Breaking the "Language Barrier"  

Your CFO is probably one of your most critical allies in your organization. But CFOs speak a totally different language. I know, I was a CFO for 12+ years. I experienced serious language barriers with my CEO. I will share how to break the language barrier.

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Leading the Unleadable  Follower

Some people just can’t be led. Or so it seems! These are people who are branded as “difficult people”. Every organization, team or business has a few of these “unleadables”. Learn how to find out their connection points; learn how to lead the unleadable.

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Genesis Leadership Delegation

Begin using the 3 Pillars of effective delegation and increase the performance of your team, staff or followers, and eliminate the need to micromanage, eliminate "leadership burnout". Delegate with confidence and allow your team to maximize their potential.

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Bridge Building Leadership: Build Bridges not Barriers

Helping people get from where they are to where you want them to be without providing a viable bridge is leadership malpractice. Yet many leaders are unwittingly guilty of this leadership malpractice. This Wisdom Wednesday Session shares 3 bridge building tools for your leadership tool box.

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Data Driven Decision-making – Quantitative Data Analysis

Leaders make decisions and the efficacy of their leadership hinges on their decision making. Learning how to make data driven decisions using quantitative data is a skill every leader must have. I share some of the principles I teach in my college course “Intro to Quantitative Analysis”.

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Leading Past Your Mess Ups – Rebound

You haven’t really led until you have massively messed up. "7 Strategies to Rebound" is the title of one of my top selling books and this Leadership Training Course shares leadership strategies to rebound from your leadership screw ups and grow from them to become a stronger more effective leader.

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Leadership is Demanding

Leadership makes many demands on a leader’s time, resources, patience and health. But there are 3 Demands which maybe the most critical when it comes to leading your organization effectively. This leadership course is based on one of my top selling books “The Three Demands for Effective Organizational Leadership”

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