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Profesional Elder's Peer Group - Iron Sharpening Iron


  1. Provide ongoing leadership training for 1st elders and elders
  2. Provide spiritual peer support


  1. 1st Elders
  2. Elders
  3. SAC representative – Honorary member
  4. Founding member


Benefits to members

  1. Enhance leadership skills, learn effective leadership strategies
  2. Learn and improve “ambassadorial” leadership as a bridge between Pastor and Parishioner
  3. Spiritual peer support

Benefits to conference

  1. Better trained elders
  2. Improved collaborative leadership between 1st Elders/Elders and Pastor. This trickles down to local church dept leaders also.
  3. An additional pipeline of information re: local church dynamics (via the conference rep who is honorary member of ELG


  1. Biannual conference / retreat
  2. Online leadership courses, webinars
  3. Prayer Group Support Conference call
  4. Seeking Collaboration with South Atlantic Conference
  5. Seeking Collaboration with Andrews University Leadership Dept (pending)
  6. Collaboration / support from Dr. Walter B.T. Douglas retired Andrews University professor, former UN Ambassador, 40+ years SDA church leadership, academics and service


How The Elders' Leadership Group Benefits Elders ...

Become a Bridge Between Pastor & Parishoner

Weekly Elders Support 800#

Become a "Church Operations Manager"

Weekly Leadership Podcasts

Develop Chaos Conflict Creativity

New Online Course each Month

Equiping The Millenial Elder

Discounts to Leadership Retreats

Upcoming Trainings ...

Genesis Leadership: In The Beginning God Created Leadership (online)

Teaches how to lead creatively in a less than perfect environment. Local churches often lack the resources and functional structure needed to achieve maximum results. Lessons from God’s creative leadership in Genesis serve as a blue print for elders. The Genesis Leadership Training Curriculum contains 7 separate courses all using my book “Genesis Leadership: In the Beginning God Created Leadership” as a foundational text.

Schedule: May 2019

Instructor: W Vernon Murray CPA MSc DBA

The Legal Burden of an Elder/Trustee/Boardmember

The role of a trustee carries certain legal implications. Trustees should be aware of these implications and execute their role in compliance with the legality of the trustee role.




Schedule: Feb 2019

Instructor: W Vernon Murray CPA MSc DBA

The Elder as a Mediator

Often an elder, particularly a head elder has to play the role of the “go between” the Pastor and local church leaders/board. Or sometimes between local dept. leaders or members.

Being a mediator is a critical role an elder is often thrust into. This training will help the elder strengthen their conflict management skills. (based on my book/course “How to Disagree & Still Get Things Done”)

Schedule: June 2019  available online  

Instructor: W Vernon Murray MSc DBA

Roberts Rules of Order – Conducting Efficient Meetings

Familiarity with the guidelines of conducting an orderly effective board meeting makes the elder an invaluable asset to the Senior Pastor.



The Elder as the Team Builder

Pastors come and go but elders remain! So this puts the elder, especially the head elder, in the position of team builder to create continuity even as Pastors come and go. This module looks at the Genesis Leadership Team Building Principles.

Schedule: TBD               Instructor: W Vernon Murray CPA MSc DBA, Author of Genesis Leadership

Self-Leadership & Self-Management

Learning how to lead one’s self is mandatory if an elder is to function effectively as a local church leader. Full grasp of this topic also helps to keep the elder from burnout and becoming overwhelmed.

Instructor: W Vernon Murray MSc DBA

Helping to Set The Agenda

Pastors set the overall agenda and direction for the congregation. But how does an elder get in tune with the Pastor's agenda and help to build "buy in" with the rest of the local church leaders?  How can an elder help the Pastor develop agendas that would gain "buy in""? This module shares 4 ways an alder can promote buy in for the Pastor's agenda.

Schedule: TBD               Instructor: W Vernon Murray CPA MSc DBA, Author of Genesis Leadership


How to recover when you mess up is a critical skill aelder/leader must possess. Based on my book  “7 Strategies to Rebound in Life”. This training keeps the leader from wallowing in self-pity and guilt and trust in God’s forgiveness and continue moving forward in service to God in the local church

Instructor: W Vernon Murray MSc DBA

The Elder as COO

In corporate America, COO = Chief Operations Officer. The head elder is the COO for teh local church. This requires the skill of delegation and coordination. These are just 2 of the 5 requirements we teach in this course

Schedule: TBD               Instructor: W Vernon Murray CPA MSc DBA, Author of Genesis Leadership

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W Vernon Murray CPA MSc DBA
Excecutive Director - Genesis Leadership Training LLP


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