Genesis Day 0 Leadership

A guide for leaders in transition ...



Who this course is for

  • CEOs/Executives starting new leadership role
  • Ministers starting ministry with a new congregation
  • Coaches taking over a new team
  • Anyone in leadership who is transitioning to new leadership role

How this course benefits you

Getting off on the right foot is the key to a leader’s success in their new assignment or role.

This leadership training gives new leaders, or experienced leaders who are transitioning to new leadership roles; several keys that will make their leadership as effective and positively impactful as possible.

Each of the 5 Learning Modules below teaches a powerful Genesis Leadership principle that helps transitioning leaders excel

5 Learning Modules

Module I
What is Day Zero?

Module II
Recognizing & Managing the Challenges of Day Zero Leadership

Module III
The Principle of Genesis Leadership Directives

Module IV
The Genesis Leadership Principle of Incrementality

Module V
Branding and Organizational Leadership: The Genesis Blueprint


W Vernon Murray MSc DBA CPA

Course author / instructor


This course is based on the Creation account in Genesis 1.

However, it incorporates leadership theory from renowned iconic theorist such as Hershey & Blanchard (1999) or James Kouzes and Barry Posner or Burns, a proponent of transformational leadership.

Additionally, Murray has incorporated real world leadership applications from his 30+ years of leadership and consulting with leaders in a broad range of organizational settings.

The course is based on W Vernon Murray's book

"Genesis Leadership: In The Begining God Created Leadership"

Course Instructor Bio Highlights ...

30 years as small / mid sized business owner.

Certified Public Accountant, Business Analyst & Strategist helping 1,000's of business owners stay alive

Author of 4 books & dozens of White Papers on business strategies, business analysis and business leadership

Graduate & doctoral degrees in business management, business leadership, business analysis & strategy

Here's what leaders who took this course are saying about this course !!!

Desmond Murray Phd - Professor, Andrews Unversity

John Nevins Andrews Medallion Awardee for leadership in education/science & reseearch and community leadership service.

Genesis Leadership principles shared in this book /course "Genesis Day Zero Leadership" is truly a revolutionary and pragmatic perspective on leadership. I have definitely incorporated many of these in my leadership roles here at Andrews University and in my community work.

Dr. Yvonne Larrier - Exec Director GCSCORED Inc

After taking the online course for my own leadership growth as i embarked on a new leadership role, I referred this to several other CEOs who have since told me that the course was one of the most insightful yet practcal trainings on leadership they have ever expereineced.

Genesis Leadership Training LLP
Business Performance Education Division
Atlanta GA USA

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