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Genesis Leadership Analysis & Development

We Make Your Leadership GLAD !!!!


Genesis Leadership Analysis & Development (GLAD)

... for organizations that are serious about developing their leaders, executives & managers ..

In a nutshell ...

Genesis Leadership Analysis & Development does 3 things ...

  • Analyzes the leadership effectiveness of your leadership team, individualy & collectively
  • Based on our analysis we recommend leadership enhancements that will develop your leader's effectiveness
  • Customize leadership training for you and your leadership team, complete with measurement tools so you can measure the increased effectiveness of your leadership team

"not trying to sound corny, but we were extremely happy with GLAD and the increased productivity & profitability we experienced after we implemented GLAD !!!".

Genesis Leadership Analysis

WHY DO YOU NEED Genesis Leadership

Analysis & Development?

What are the BENEFITS of GLAD?

Every organization needs GLAD because the "numbers make cents, $$ & Cents"

Number 1 is

GLAD ensures that your leaders achieve their goals which ensures that the organization achieves its mission and vision

Number 2 is ...

GLAD dramatically improves your leaders' ability to get people to work towards your company;s goals, mission & vision

Number 3 ...

GLAD increased the productivity and efficiency of leaders and their teams/depts. This will be reflected in your company's bottom line !


Our mid level managers got the tools to be more productive from the GLAD Assesments & follow up training

CEO - Design firm, Chicago



The teamwork significantly improved when our managers began using the leadership skills they learned in the GLAD training

President, social services agency, Atlanta GA



At first I didn't think leadership training was important for my construction/contracting company. Was I wrong!!! I am GLAD we used GLAD !!

Owner, Construction Contractor, Nashville TN

We prepare a Genesis Leadership Development Plan

... customized for your business/organization

... based on the analysis of your leaders & your organizational culture

... provide leadership training so your leaders can effectively execute the plan

... schedule follow up to modify plan as your company needs change



I started with making the FREE phone call to Genesis Leadership. Was I glad I did!

It was easy to get started and it COST me nothing to get the ball roloing on strengthening my leadership skills for me and for my leadership team

President, financial services firm, Atlanta GA

Here's How You Get Started - Quick Start !!

Get Your FREE Leadership Phone Assessment. Provide info below and schedule phone call now!

To get started with our GLAD services you can try us out with one of the 4 Quick Start services on the righht.

Let us know on your FREE Consultation which of the Quick Start services you would like to get started with.

Four Easy Ways to Get Started - Select How You Want to Get Started.

FREE Initial Leadership Assessment

This FREE Assessment will help you identify the strengths and weaknesses in the Leadership systems within your organization. This Assessment will be the basis of any Leadership stragies we may recommend for you and your organization.

1 on 1 Leadership Coaching

Schedule a FREE 1 on 1 Leadership / Executive Coaching session. A 30 minute session (our standard sessions are 1 hour) designed to give you a sample of how effective these 1 on 1 sessions can be in helping sharpen your leadership focus.

Leadership Round Tables & Boot Camps

You can also get started by scheduling a FREE Leadership Roundtable. This is where your top executives meet in an informal setting where we lead a guided discusion on leadership enhancing topics that are specific to your organization.

Leadership Peer Group

You can also get started with a 1 month membership in our Leadership Peer Advisory Group where you get o ineteract with other leaders from other organizations . Learn new best practices from other leaders. A great way to enhance your leadership skills.

Meet our GLAD Expert ! 

Leadership Analysts, Strategist, Educator & Trainer 

W Vernon Murray MSc DBA CPA

  • 25+ years in leadership as CEO, CFO, Church Leader
  • Business owner - 5 successful businesses, 100+ staff & over $30 million in combined revenues over last 25 years
  • Adjunct Professor of Organizational Management & Leadership
  • Author of 12+ books & dozens of leadership programs including:
    • Genesis Leadership
    • The Three Demands of Leadership
    • The Genesis Team: Building Successful Sustainable Teams
    • How to Disagree & Still Get Things Done
    • Data Driven Decision Making For Leaders & Managers


  • Has coached or consulted with 6,000+ leaders over last 20 years
  • Frequently invited to speak at leadership conferences & workshops
  • Graduate degrees in Nonprofit Leadership
  • DBA in Strategic Organizational Leadership
  • Certified Public Accountant since 1990
  • Certified Financial Fitness Coach - 20+ years

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