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W Vernon Murray CPA MSc DBA


Remarkable combination of academic, theoretical, real world applications. Very hands on, like working with personal leadership coach/expert for 6 weeks!  Dr. Carl B, CEO/CMO, Medical Clinics

walter27 Powerful Benefits you get when you take this course

Self paced - complete course work based on your schedule

Immersive Learning - every thing we teach is applied to scenarios that might happen in your own workplace, business or organization

Implementation: in this course  we help you implement strategies & tools into your leadership and your organization.

Weekly Action Items to help you implement new strategies & leadership protocols that will radically boost your leadership

Easy 1 on 1 access to course instructor: THREE Ways - 24/7 chat on Slack, Email, Zoom Video conferences

Exchange ideas and discuss with other leaders enrolled in  the course Best Practices Group. FREE enrollment into this powerful group comes with this course

Weekly lectures customized to your questions. All your questions from the prior week get answered in a new weekly recorded response. PLUS you also get up to 1 hour per week for 1 on 1 contact with the instructor to get mopre specific answers to your questions.


Here's How this Course Has Helped Other Leaders

... and they invested just 3 - 4 Hours/Week !!

This course helped me to understand my leadership style in the context of our Organizational Culture. Now motivating my managers to accomplish projects etc is 10 times easier and their productivity has skyrocketed. Of course that results in increased revenues !!

Dave M, President Construction Scaffolding Inc, 

The biggest challenge I have with taking courses online is that I never get real life applications I could use to improve my leadership team. This 6 week program was like working hands on with a consultant/strategist and we resolved real time leadership problems that made our organization more profitable. Dr. Yvonne Larrier, Executive Director GCSCORED 

We decided to enroll our entire executice C Level team in this program. The Weekly Action Items helped us examine some assumptions and norms in our ecosytstem and eliminate some redundancies we simply assumed were "untouchable". If you take this course, take advantage of the team enrollment discounts and get your key leaders in this course! R Wilson, CEO, 

Here's Some of What You Will Learn ...

.. invest only 3 - 4 hours/Week to Learn & Implement Powerful Genesis Leadership Strategies

Learn How to Create Your Genesis Leadership Agenda

Learn why a Genesis Leadership Agenda is Priceless!

  • Learn how to create your Genesis Leadership Agenda using the 3 A's
  • Why you should NEVER try to lead People without first creating an "Activating Agenda"
  • Learn how your Mission Statement is used to help develop your Leadership Agenda Statement

Learn About Genesis Leadership Ecosystems

  • Find out why understanding your own Leadership Ecosystem is absolutely essential to effective leadership
  • What are the other 3 Quadrants in the Four Quadrants of a Genesis Leadership Ecosystem? Find out in Level I of this Module PLUS learn how they impact your leadership effectiveness every day!
  • Find out why great leaders like Steve Jobs implemented the "ecosystem" leadership principle
  • Implementation: Learn how to "create & ochestrate" your Leadership Ecosystem Map to empower your organization
  • Learn how to identify the key elements of a Leadership Organizational Ecosystem in your own business, nonprofit organization or team

A Word From Your Instructor / Leadership Consultant / Coach

W Vernon Murray CPA MSc DBA

Limited Time Offer!

Total Value of $15,000 +.

But we charge only $6,998 or less if you qualify for our discounts. Plus our fee includes Training, Consulting, Coaching, Implementation and 3 Months follow up to make sure you are becoming an expert in the new leadership skills & strategies we teach you in this course!

If you hired a Leadership / Business Consultant to provide all the services, leadership tools and resources you get in this 6 week program it would easily $15,000 - $20,000++. This is based on a 2017 study of consulting fees. Average hourly rates for a expert and experienced leadership consultant and strategist ranges form $300/hour to as high as $1,000 per hour.

Just the assessments/tools (Organizational Culture, Leadership Style Assessments, Agenda Statement, Organizational Ecosystem Map) you get from this course would cost  in the range  $10,000 - $15,000 or more!


Option 1: Full One Time Payment of $6998 minus as much as $2,000 in discounts!!

  • use the Bonus Call Contact form at end of page to request your $2000 in discounts

Option 2:  Pay in WEEKLY payments (full price paid in 6 Weekly payments of $1,166)

  • BONUS #1: Invite up to 2 other leaders from your organization at no additional cost
  • BONUS #2: Discounted enrollment ONLY $900 for each additional person above 3
  • BONUS #3: Save $1,000 with our early full payment discount if paid in full by Feb 15
  • BONUS #4: Three Months free follow up after you complete the course. Get access to the Instructor/Consultant/Coach, up to 2 hours/month, get questions etc answered at no COST.
  • BONUS #5: See below - Don't Miss Bonus# 5


  • 3 Leadership Tools you can begin implementing right away
  • 1 Hour/Week with a Personal Leadership Coach/Consultant
  • FREE Copy of my top selling book "Genesis Leadership"
  • FREE Organizational Culture Assessment  
  • FREE Leadership Style Assessments 
  • Retake course within 12 months for only $199


Instructor Bio Highlights

  • 30 years leadership experience as CEO, CFO, COO, Church Leader, Exec Director
  • College Professor in Organizational Leadership Dept
  • Author of 5 books on leadership & 100+ White Papers, Blogs, Articles
  • Started, manage, lead 4 successful businesses for 28+ years
  • Speaker, Trainer in leadership, Business Analysis &  Strategy
  • Graduate & Post Graduate Degrees in Leadership, Organizational Strategies


WEEK 1_______________________________________
1. Orientation & Welcome
2. Intro to Genesis Leadership
3. Leadership Theory Overview

WEEK 2_______________________________________
1. Genesis Leadership = Agenda + Ecosystem

2. Defining The Genesis Leader

WEEK 3_______________________________________

1. Overview – Genesis Leadership Agenda
2. Creating Your Leadership Agenda Part 1
3. Create Your Leadership Agenda Statement

WEEK 4_______________________________________
1. Uncover Your Hidden Leadership Agenda

2. Interpreting Results & Hidden Agendas
3. Leadership Agenda Recap & Summary
4. Possession #1 Building Block

1. Organizational Ecosystem - Definition & History
2. Key Definition Concepts
3. Five Characteristics in every OEM
4. You Already Have an Ecosystem
5. Status Quo, Disruptive Leadership & Your OEM
6. Where to find OEMS: Macro vs Micro, Internal vs External
** OEM = Organizational Ecosystem

WEEK 6_______________________________________
1. Mapping Your Leadership OEM

2. The 4 Steps,  4 Quadrants & 4 Rs of an OEM
3. IP Addresses & other OEM Components
4. Using Your OEM to Boost Your Leadership

All 3 of our executives will be taking advantage of the Course Repeat within 12 months. Ask how just for $199 you can retake this entire course anytime within 12 months of completing it!!

CEO - Medical clinic, Miami Florida



1 More Big Bonus For You ! 

A  $1,200 Value added to this course at NO COST to you !!

Introducing our Wisdom Wednesday Leadership Series 






BONUS #5 = get an additional $900 Bonus Discount

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Your $900+ Bonus Discount!

** Bonus #5 only applicable if you are paying full payment option.

** Even if you are making the WEEKLY payment option and don't qualify for Bonus #5 BUT you have some questions etc about the program go ahead and enter your call back info below also and a brief summary of your question. I will call you back at the time you indicate.

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Take advantage of the 3 Way Discount ... 

You can include up to TWO additional leaders and we will register ALL THREE of you for the price of one.

The leaders you invite do not have to be from your organization or business. 

Add them at anytime by sending us their name, email and phone number.

Or You May Consider the Leadership Bootcamp if
  1. You want to get this training in LESS than 6 Weeks (Boot camp 1 - 5 days depending on how fast you want to go)
  2. You are not ready to make the investment into the 6 Week program (Boot Camp investment is $3,499)

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