Mature Leadership  

Key Leadership Indicators of Mature Leadership

This MasterClass is offered in 2 Units:

  1. Introduction - Overview of the Three Key Leadership Indicators of Mature Leadership
  2. Mature Leaders Build Strong Sustainable Teams that Value the Contrtibutions of Every Team Member


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Course Creator/Instructor -
W Vernon Murray CPA MSc DBA


Leadership roles since 1990: CEO, CFO, Executive Director. Church Leader

Business Owner - 5 businesses leading 200+ staff/team members & Business revenues $30 million+. 

College Professor - Organizational Management Leadership

Provided Leadership training for 6000+ leaders & managers

Author of 12 books including 3 on leadership and organizational strategy

MSc NonProfit Leadership & Management

DBA Strategic Organizational Leadership

PhD Public Policy Leadership & Administration

A couple of my top selling books on leadership

Here are some Key Essential Team Building Strategies & Paradigms from Unit 2

In this Unit we will cover - Definitions of "Team". The "Genesis Team" definition is the most comprehensive definition of "team" because it includes the 3 basic points plus the following five points that truly define "team".  I will cover these 5 points in detail in the video lecture:

  1. Intentional Collaboration
  2. The 4 Rs & how mature leaders can maximize the benefits of the 4 Rs
  3. Organizational Ecosystem - how can a leader manage their ecosystem
  4. Common Agenda - mature leaders set a "collaborative common" agenda
  5. Compelling Brand


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