Wisdom Wednesday Leadership Series


Every Wednesday for the 6 week duration of this course we will post a new Leadership Strategy Training module to your class via email. We will select from the following leadership trainig modules below.

This Weekly Wisdom Wednesday Leadership Training will be at no additional cost to you (normally priced at $200 per module).


Leading Diverse Priorities

Leading Diverse Priorities in a “multi-priority” environment

As a leader your priorities maybe totally different than that of your organization, even though on the surface it seems like your team is “in sync” with you. Learn how to know for sure if your team is in sync with your priorities and what to do if they are not.

Learn How to Speak "CFO"

CFO Speak: - Breaking the "Language Barrier"  

Your CFO is probably one of your most critical allies in your organization. But CFOs speak a totally different language. I know, I was a CFO for 12+ years. I experienced serious language barriers with my CEO. I will share how to break the language barrier.

Leading the Unleadable  

Leading the Unleadable  - The Art & Science

Some people just can’t be led. Or so it seems! These are people who are branded as “difficult people”. Every organization, team or business has a few of these “unleadables”. Learn how to find out their connection points; learn how to lead the unleadable.

"Genesis" Delegation

The Art of Delegation – Genesis Leadership Directives

Begin using the 3 Pillars of effective delegation and increase the performance of your team, staff or followers, and eliminate the need to micromanage, eliminate "leadership burnout". Delegate with confidence and allow your team to maximize their potential

Bridge Building Leadership

Bridge Building Leadership: Build Bridges not Barriers

Helping people get from where they are to where you want them to be without providing a viable bridge is leadership malpractice. Yet many leaders are unwittingly guilty of this leadership malpractice. This Wisdom Wednesday Session shares 3 bridge building tools for your leadership tool box

Data Driven Decision-making

Data Driven Decision-making – Quantitative Data Analysis

Leaders make decisions and the efficacy of their leadership hinges on their decision making. Learning how to make data driven decisions using quantitative data is a skill every leader must have. I share some of the principles I teach in my college course “Intro to Quantitative Analysis”.

Leadership Rebounding

Leading Past Your Mess Ups – Rebound

You haven’t really led until you have massively messed up. "7 Strategies to Rebound" is the title of one of my top selling books and this Wisdom Wednesday Session shares leadership strategies to rebound from your leadership screw ups and grow from them to become a stranger more effective leader. 

3 Leadership Demands

Leadership is Demanding

Leadership makes many demands on a leader’s time, resources, our patience and our health. But there are 3 Demands which maybe the most critical when it comes to leading your organization effectively. This Leadership Wisdom lesson is based on one of my top selling books “The Three Demands fo rEffective Organizational Leadership”.

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